We KILL it at work Monday through Friday…
…but how do we perform at home on the weekend?

When we’re home, all we want to do is relax.

We don’t want to be bothered with figuring out where to take the kids, or what work needs to be done around the house…ain’t nobody got time for that!

These statements paint a very clear picture of my attitude before I pulled my head out of my rear, back when I was working in Corporate America full-time.

I thought what I needed most when I was at home was to rest and relaxation.

Yet, I couldn’t rest.

What I needed the most was the freedom of having more control over the precious moments I was privileged to experience outside of work!

If we spend the afternoons letting the kids watch cartoons while we play around on the Internet or spend the entire day cleaning things up the weekends fly by.

We get to back to work and the first thing we’re asked is, “how was your weekend?” or “what did you do this weekend?”

If we can’t remember it was a waste of our time.

Do we feel refreshed?  Probably not.

We’d remember feeling refreshed if it happened.

What if we were to apply the same productivity skills we’ve grown so adept at implementing during the workweek to our home routines?

What if we could spend our time more EFFECTIVELY on the weekends?  Here are three ways to do it.

1 – Have a Weekly Review with Your Partner

Weekly reviews have grown somewhat second nature to me these days, but including my wife in on the action used to make me feel a little gassy…

There was enough for me to review myself, so I didn’t think of including her.  Yet, there was a severe CONSEQUENCE of not having her involved.

The first time I sat down with my wife to perform a serious, focused, weekly review my “findings” we’re amazing.

Through the simple act of talking through our week, I adjusted SIX events I had planned the following week….SIX!

These events would have otherwise become a thorn in both of our sides because we didn’t take the time to communicate what was going on.

There was also a side benefit…

We planned what we were going to do on nights and over the weekend!

Since then we’ve committed to having our weekly reviews on Fridays.  Since the weekend is right around the corner when we’re reviewing together we take the time to discuss and prepare for the different events are going on, where we want to take the boys and what we want to accomplish.

We also agree upon how long we should take to complete whatever it is we want to do.

If we have an event at night during the upcoming week that requires childcare, it’s front and center, we know it’s coming and we agree on a plan to make it happen.

In other words, we NEGOTIATE!  We get creative.

This by far is the #1 thing we’ve implemented in our lives to improve the quality of our nights, weekends and home-life as a whole.

2 – Develop a Project Plan

We’re all used to Corporate mission statements.  From mission statements strategic priorities are developed and projects are put into place.  Employees then execute these projects as they work towards a schedule and budget.

At home however, family missions aren’t normally thought about in the day-to-day fray of life.

Family goals are often overlooked and seen as a luxury in comparison to what we try to accomplish at work.

What’s our family all about?

What do we want to do as a family?

How do we want to be remembered?

What are our goals?  Our values?

How do we develop a project plan to execute our mission?

The family mission won’t execute itself.  We need to think through the details and give ourselves a unique and rare opportunity to bond with our family on a higher level.

We call project meetings all the time, but how often do we call family meetings?

Like our project stakeholders, everyone gets a say in the family mission.

Meeting notes are documented and confirmed.

Action items are assigned and project team members are held accountable.

It doesn’t have to be done all at once; project durations vary by a number of factors, including complexity.

Instead of complicating the concept of a family mission, or a family project don’t worry about it!

Any action is better than no action, so even if you don’t get it right the first, second or third time, you’re opening up your family to greatness; to a one-of-a-kind way of living.

3 – Treat Family Like Colleagues and Customers

Would you curse your co-worker out for arriving late at your meeting?

Would you yell at your customer for spilling coffee at your workstation?

Probably not…

In contrast, would you knock on your Supervisor’s door before entering?

Would you make agreements on work that needs to be done?

Would you be kind, courteous and thoughtful?

I hope so.

This one’s by far the most difficult piece of advice to implement with family but by far the most effective.

Treat each other with RESPECT…just as you would at work.

They’re our family.

They’re WAY more important than our colleagues or customers deserve to be treated as such.

Written by Nick Snapp, Founder of Make It Snappy