This event is MORE than just a workshop or series of workshops.

This event is MORE than just a day with fellow business owners.

I’ve taken the best elements from Mastermind Groups, Hands On Workshops, Get Away Weekends, and Business Networking Events and put them together as a Business Retreat.

Eat great food – no brainer here. Good food keeps up going the whole day long, doesn’t it? And the food we’ll have this weekend is protein packed and fresh. Add a dash of caffeine and I think you’ll agree with me that indeed, the tummy and energy are taken care of.

Meet in a Quiet Space – the Plantation is known for hosting Yoga Retreats, Spiritual/Religious Group Gatherings, and Nature Lovers. While it’s not a shrine or temple, it is a quiet space that is used by many who are looking for modern conveniences while being able to get close to nature. And, while I encourage you to bring your family for a few days before or after, you’ll notice that loud parties simply aren’t encouraged here.

Time to Focus – during the weekend you’ll be learning new things about yourself and about doing business. After each speaker, there will be a short bio-break with time to stretch the legs and refill the water glass (or coffee mug). Then there will be focused group discussion time. This is where the meat of the retreat lies: talking with other business owners about what you learned, hearing from them their own experiences and getting inspiration and motivation to make a decision that will impact your business, having access to the speaker to get clarification or additional information.

Clarity – often when we attend weekend business events we get a LOT of information thrown at us. And, usually, while it’s all useful, it’s really not presented in a way that guides you to see how you can put it to use in your business or life. Or, if it is, it becomes a notation in your notebook/planner and doesn’t get any more attention. With a licensed and accomplished life coach on hand, you will have an opportunity to receive personal guidance on how to understand and put to use the piece of information that stood out for you.

Connection – during discussion time you’ll receive interesting and engaging ideas from other business owners, but throughout the entire weekend you will have opportunities to meet privately and learn more about each other. From there, the beginning of a professional relationship, you can grow it into one of mutual referrals or collaboration or support.

Business Growth – you are a business owner, therefore your personal development and growth will have an impact on your business growth. Attending a retreat…spending time away from the office, the family obligations, the laptop…and using that time to focus ON the business truly helps you to grow as a person. Business growth doesn’t happen spontaneously, nor is it something that needs to be planned to second. But it does need to be planned. And a retreat like this will give you Clarity, Focus, and Connection with others to plan your business growth.

The best way to work ON your business is when you are away from it.

  • Unplugged.
  • No distractions.
  • Away from the office.
  • Away from the house.
  • Away from the desk.

Consider this your invitation to do just that – unplug and be able to work ON your business.

Join me and other successful owners on a weekend retreat designed to get you focused, spark your creativity, and more.

What will this weekend do?

  1. It will give you the gift of uninterrupted, totally focused time to work ON your business.
  2. You will be led through exercises that will stretch you, challenge you and ultimately help you envision just how much more you and your business can be!
  3. You’ll leave with goals that you set for yourself, not what anyone else set for you. And…you’ll be part of a 90-day mastermind that ensures you will stay on track to achieve those goals!
  4. You will meet and connect with smart, successful and driven business owners.

And that, my friends, is what a Business Retreat is.

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