I’m excited!

The GROW Alliance has been an idea long time coming – it began in 2008 with me wondering why conferences/workshops/weekend business retreats didn’t include a 90-day mastermind to ensure that attendees actually put to use the information they learned. It started fleshing out as a full blown plan in early 2016. With one component being a full weekend devoted to business owners, learning how to be better as people and as business owners so they could make more money and feel good about doing it.

The planning for this retreat began in June, 2016.

A business friend and I were in Lecanto, FL visiting another business friends. We were about an hour north of Tampa and 15 minutes from Crystal River.

During my week in the area we visited Tampa, Clearwater, and the Crystal River area. We had fun, we did business, we met other business owners. Every day I had a niggle of an idea in my mind on how to launch The GROW Alliance. And it was with a business retreat.

I mentioned the idea to two business friends. They immediately began throwing out ideas about venues, activities, topics for learning, and more! The excitement was palpable and I took every one of their ideas to heart. I listed them on in a notebook and tucked it away for the following week. I knew I was on to something and wanted to be back in the office to make it happen.

A week later, I took out the notebook and began planning. I outlined possibilities, I mind mapped opportunities, I focused on the experience that I wanted the attendees to have:

  • Workshops led by experienced and successful business owners
  • Mastermind Discussions with presenter available to answer questions
  • Access to presenters throughout the entire weekend
  • Personal transformation led by a licensed life coach
  • 90-day Mastermind membership for all so that after the weekend they could actually really grow from the experience
  • Attendance limited to under 25 so the individual experience is better than hoped for

Then I began talking about it to various business owners in my network. Their excitement was contagious – this is what they would LOVE to have available to them!

I contacted a business owner in Clearwater and we brainstormed possible presenters. She connected us through email introduction and then I met them via video conference call. Within a week I had everyone on board. They were ALL IN with the vision for The GROW Alliance.

And now, here we are. The Business Retreat is just around the corner. I’m going to be on location in February, and hope to do a few Facebook Lives while I’m there – so that you can see exactly what this beautiful location has to offer. I’ll also be lunching with the presenters and if possible we’ll be do a Facebook Live or two just to say Hi. Webinars are scheduled.