First of all, I am going to start with a quote by Michael Gerber, “You were born unique to be unique.”

God created you to create. In fact, he created you in his own image, but you are the only one like yourself that he has ever created. You are unique. That makes you valuable.

Things become valuable when they are rare. You are a rarity. No one else is like you.


Does the price go up or down when there is only one of something in the world? Of course, the price goes up. The more unique you make yourself the higher your price should be.

What is your value? Or more importantly, what is the value that you place on yourself.

Have you given up your uniqueness for security? When you are unique it makes yourself priceless. When you are priceless you want to safe, secure place. The only problem with that is others want, desire, and quite frankly need to see your uniqueness.

You see, I believe that we need to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. We feel very safe in a secure setting, in a safe environment, or in our comfort zone.

When we are in our comfort zone we are not growing, stretching, and expanding ourselves.

There are a lot of talented, outstanding individuals that are hiding in the crowd in their comfort zone. I can guarantee you that if you think about the unique people that you know and look up to that they are constantly looking for ways to grow, to learn, and to be stretched.

Here is another great quote by Michael Gerber, “Who you are is what you have done. Who you will be is what you will do.”

What will you do that will make you who you will become? What are the 3 top things about you that make you unique?

Written by David Kauffman, President of Empowering Small Business