Since becoming a business owner, how many Live Events have you attended?

I love live events.

And since 2008 I’ve attended my fair share of them!

From industry conferences to all day workshops.

From 1/2 day seminars to 3-day events that combined workshops with speakers with vendor booths.

I’ve spent $500 – $2,500 and regardless of the cost I will be the first to say that each event was fantastic!

  • I learned something new.
  • I met interesting people.
  • I believed that my business would benefit greatly from having attended.

Then I went home.

And, after about a week, the excitement of the ‘new’ wore off.

After about 3 weeks, the motivation to implement the ‘new’ wore off.

After about 4 weeks, I was back to the day-to-day working in my business.

If you asked me, 6 months later, what I thought of the event, I would tell you it was fantastic. I would show you the materials I purchased. If pressed, I would show you the notes I took. If really pressed, I would not be able to tell you how my life or business changed because of what I learned.

Since 2008, I’ve spoken with many small business owners and their experiences were the same as mine:

  • Love the event.
  • Came home motivated to make changes personally and in the business.
  • 30 days later returned to the daily habits they had before attending the event.

Well – that’s about to change!

This event – The GROW Alliance Business Retreat – is different.

And the reason it is different is that as an attendee, you are a member of the Business Retreat Mastermind Group that follows the event itself. It’s not an upsell or an offer. The Mastermind Group is a part of the event.

For 90 days, meeting bi-weekly, using a virtual platform so you can meet from anywhere you like (the office, the kitchen, the backyard, the beach). This is where you will get the support, encouragement, ideas, and resources you need to make sure that what you learned at the event has a positive impact on your business.

  • What Is a Mastermind Group?
  • Why Should I Join A Group?
  • What is the Power of a Mastermind Group?

I answer these questions during a short interview I did recently with Abiola Saba.

abiola saba podcast interview

>>The Power of Mastermind Groups<<<


Listen and learn, connect with me, Register Today for the business retreat!